10 More Slammy Awards Given As ‘WWE.com Exclusives’

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While nine awards were handed out during the Slammy Awards last night on RAW, WWE.com posted an article after the broadcast went off the air announcing “WWE.com Exclusive Slammy Award” winners with rather abscure awards, such as the “critter moment of the year” that generated some online buzz months back when an alleged mouse ran on the ramp past Alberto Del Rio during a live RAW broadcast.

Another award given was for the category “Outstanding Achievement in Muppet Resemblance”, which went to Sheamus for his backstage segment with Beaker during the Muppets special airing weeks ago.

Other awards given include the “Pee-Wee Herman Bowtie Award” going to David Otunga, “Most Predictable Outcome of the Year” going to Kevin Nash for powerbombing Santino after he did his trombone dance, “Return of the Year” award for The Rock, a “Double Vision Moment of the Year” for the two Sin Caras appearing together.

The “WWE.com Exclusive of the Year” Slammy went to John Laurinaitis for congratulating CM Punk, “Superstar Transformation of the Year” went to Zack Ryder, and “Most Regrettable Ring Attire of the Year” went to Michael Cole for wearing Triple H’s ring attire on RAW.