Third 1/2/12 Cryptic Video Released By WWE – Video & Possible Spoilers

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WWE released its third consecutive installment of a cryptic video today on Youtube. The video aired in between a video package promoting Natalya and Beth Phoenix’s faction. The video is still promoting what ever is being alluded to to take place on the January 2, 2012 edition of RAW, which emanates from Memphis, Tennessee.

The 44-second clip once again features a young boy writing on a notebook on his desk in a deserted classroom, the introduction of a similarly-aged girl, as well as a seemingly-secluded grown version of the boy facing the wall in the same classroom. The voice-over in the clip says, “on the second day of 2012 the prophet will emerge and destroy the weak. It will be the end of the world as you know it.” The text on the screen then reads, “Look within.”

There has been mixed speculation as to who the videos seem to be introducing or re-introducing, but most sources believe it to be the return of The Undertaker or Chris Jericho. This video in particular seems to indicate that it will be the Undertaker, but as we reported previously, the company is trying to secure Chris Jericho to a contract and if he does end up being signed, the videos will likely be used to hype his return. However, if Y2J isn’t signed, the belief is that it will be used to promote Undertaker’s return.