2011 WWE Draft: John Cena Drafted Back To RAW – Details On Why

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During the main event of tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW, Mark Henry turned heel on his SmackDown team mates, Christian and John Cena, against the RAW heels, WWE Champion The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk. After Henry would turn heel on his team mates, the heels from the RAW brand would take advantage of Cena, allowing the Miz to hit his finishing manuever and win the match for his team, thus giving the RAW brand a draft pick.

The “random” computer would then show that John Cena would be drafted back to the RAW brand after it was announced that he would be drafted to SmackDown earlier in the night. As announced earlier here tonight when it was initially announced that Cena was drafted to SmackDown is that it wasn’t very likely that it would stick as Cena is seen as the face of the company, and considering that RAW is flagship show of the company, Vince McMahon would never want Cena to be on the “B” brand.

5 Responses to “2011 WWE Draft: John Cena Drafted Back To RAW – Details On Why”

  1. JP says:

    Well, I agree that Cena can’t stay longer on SmackDown.

    Cena is the top face of the company. RAW is the WWE’s #1 cable show.
    Placing Cena on SmackDown would leave RAW without a top face.
    I was shocked, and happy at first when I heard that Cena will be coming to SmackDown. For that time, Cena has made almost all WWE Universe, and even some TNA Fans, proud that their #1 guy is going to the “B” show.

    But it was very disappointing that night ended with Cena drafted back to RAW. This proves that John Cena is still their #1 guy and that they just can’t let him leave RAW.

    In my own opinion, WWE is trying to do an almost similar situation with Triple H last 2004 during that year’s annual draft lottery. During that night, Triple H was drafted to SmackDown for the very first time. Triple H, during that time was like the face of the WWE. On that week’s episode of SmackDown, former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle (who was acting as the General Manager of SmackDown! for that time) told to the fans that he traded Triple H back to RAW for Booker T.

  2. TUDD says:

    “B” show my butt. SmackDown will have better pro wrestling than any other show.

  3. Kim says:

    Has a pissed off son, because we have Smackdown tickets and he wanted to see Cena!!!

    • G&D says:

      Condolences to your son. Can’t say I’m sad about the Cena situation though. My brother and I bought front row tickets for the annual house show in New Zealand, and were devastated when Cena was drafted to Smackdown, so we definitely felt your sons pain. Absolute relief when he was drafted back!

  4. W says:

    SmackDown is becoming a better wrestling show. Hope SmackDown would just be more on wrestling than RAW, which is more on Entertainment side.

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