2011 WWE Draft: Mark Henry & Sin Cara Heading To SD! – Backstage News On Why

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During tonight’s WWE Draft special on USA, two draft picks went to the SmackDown brand. It was announced during the Randy Orton, who was drafted to SmackDown earlier in the night, vs Dolph Ziggler, representing the RAW brand, match that the winner would get two picks for their respective brand. Afterward, the “random” draft chose Mark Henry and Sin Cara heading to the SmackDown brand.

At this point in the night, four draft picks went to SmackDown (John Cena, Randy Orton, Mark Henry and Sin Cara) one went to RAW (Rey Mysterio). It is interesting to note that Sin Cara is already leaving the “A” show so soon after debuting about a month ago. As we’ve been noting as of late, McMahon has already soured on Cara.

One Response to “2011 WWE Draft: Mark Henry & Sin Cara Heading To SD! – Backstage News On Why”

  1. IrishJD says:

    I stopped watching RAW lately due to the Rock not being there. And Sin Cara is going to get buried sadly :( due to his “botched” moves. Mark Henry no one gives a damn for for being moved to SD! John Cena was moved back to RAW -_- and Randy Orton switching was a very smart business move, he’s the boost the Blue Brand will need for SD!. And great….Rey Rey is coming to RAW to bury half the roster while Sin Cara(Who is a far-cry way better entertainer) is going to SD!

    Yeah WWE we all saw his botch, half of us didn’t notice nor cared and some of us(like me) actually enjoyed seeing the Primo Botch and them falling….it gave it a bit of realism for a change and truthfully flown with the match rather well for a mistake. I’d rather watch 5 minutes of Sin Cara doing cool f*cking moves then a whole 22 minutes of John Cena doing a Shoulder Check, Suplex, 5 knuckle shuffle and attitude adjustment or Rey Mysterio running from his opponents, doing a leg lariat into the ropes then 619 and pin *rollseyes*. Speaking of botches, did anyone see the Rock’s failed Kip Up that one RAW? lol….see it aint a big deal at all. Grow up WWE Superstars and just leave Sin Cara alone, cause I think this month we all know what it’s like to lose a job due to jerkoffs. And for some reason…I think its Rey Mysterio showing some jealousy to get the guy ousted cause he just wants us all to see his predictable and lame movesets over and over and OVER.

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