2011 WWE Draft: Randy Orton Drafted To SmackDown

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Tonight live on WWE Monday Night RAW during the annual WWE Draft, Randy Orton was officially drafted from RAW to SmackDown. It all took place following the inter-promotional match featuring RAW Superstar Sheamus and SmackDown Superstar Kofi Kingston. Orton was the third person drafted on tonight’s show, following John Cena being drafted from RAW to SmackDown and Rey Mysterio being drafted from SmackDown to RAW.

Back during the 2005 WWE Draft six years ago, Orton was also drafted from the RAW brand to SmackDown before he would return to the RAW brand in June 2006 after being suspended for 60 days for, what he later admitted, was smoking marijuana. In an interview following the suspension, Orton stated, “my conduct was unbecoming of a champion, which is what I will be again when I return.” Thus far, the draft picks of Orton, Cena and Mysterio were leaked on WWE.com earlier today.

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