2011 WWE Draft: Rey Mysterio Drafted To RAW – Backstage Details

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During tonight’s 2011 WWE Draft special on Monday Night RAW on the USA Network, Rey Mysterio was announced to be drafted from SmackDown! to RAW. Back during the 2008 WWE Draft, he was also drafted from SmackDown to RAW before he was drafted back to SmackDown the year after. The backstage philosophy behind drafting Mysterio back to SmackDown back in 2009 was that the Hispanic rating was dwindling without the presence of Mysterio being there, and the feeling was that putting him back on SmackDown would boost the rating.

Earlier tonight, it was announced that John Cena would be drafted from RAW to SmackDown, which would put him on the blue brand for the first time full-time since 2006. Thus far, Mysterio and Cena were part of the WWE.com leak where the biography’s of certain stars were linked to the brand that they have been drafted to so far. It remains to be seen if that was an unintentional leak that will play out for the remainder of the evening or it was purely coincidental

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