2011 WWE Draft: The Big Show & Alberto Del Rio Drafted To RAW

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This Sunday night, Alberto Del Rio will be facing Christian in a ladder match at WWE Extreme Rules and now has the opportunity to bring the World Heavyweight Championship back to the RAW brand. This is because during tonight’s 2011 Draft special on the USA Network, Del Rio was drafted to the RAW brand after being on the SmackDown brand for just under a year. In fact, thus far, with the draft choices announced, they were just as rumored earlier today here at WrestleHeat.com.

Coming out of the draft, with Del Rio being drafted to RAW and John Cena to SmackDown, if Del Rio wins, he will bring the World Title to RAW, and if Cena wins the triple threat match, the WWE Title will be moved back to the SmackDown brand. Keep in mind that the draft choices aren’t final and could very well change up during the Supplemental Draft later this week.

UPDATE: Since this post was added, it was announced that Cena has been drafted back to the RAW brand.

In addition, it was announced that the Big Show would be drafted from SmackDown to RAW, too. For Big Show, being drafted and being on different brands has become second nature. Back in 2005, he was drafted from the RAW brand to SmackDown. The following year in 2006, he would be drafted back to the RAW brand before he would be drafted to the now-defunct ECW brand later that year. After leaving the company for about a year, he would return back to the SmackDown brand only to be drafted back to the RAW brand in 2009. Last year, Big Show was drafted back to SmackDown during the 2010 draft, only to be drafted back to RAW this year.

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  1. jay says:

    i cannot believe how ridiciously stupid the wwe is with the drafting of cena back to raw after being drafted to smackdown they just wasted a draft pick well actually two draft picks they just shouldnt have even touched cena just left him alone instead of doing that and i feel very sorry for orton building a guy up just to dump him down the pecking order just a very bad show

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