2011 WWE Hall Of Fame Notes: Drew Carey Booed, HHH Inducts Shawn Michaels

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The following are the latter notes from the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony tonight from Atlanta, Georgia, featuring the “celebrity” portion of the show, Drew Carey, and Triple H inducting his friend Shawn Michaels:

— Drew Carey gets boo’d during his video and his jokes. Kane comes out to induct him. Drew said he doesn’t care about the boo’s.

— Triple H is out next to induct Shawn Michaels. Triple H came out to his King of Kings theme and put his friend Shawn over more than anyone else has in their speeches tonight. He said Shawn won’t admit that he’s in the Hulk Hogan Hair Club for Men. He also called Shawn the greatest performer he’s ever seen. He got emotional and told Shawn he loves him. Triple H talked about their history together and gave HBK a new nickname – Mr. Hall of Fame. Triple H has had the longest speech yet probably. Shawn is out next to a huge standing ovation from the crowd.

Shawn joked about how nervous he was. Michaels thanked everyone and said there was one name he should thank but he couldn’t say the name, obviously referring to Ric Flair. The crowd “Whooo’d” at this. Shawn thanked the WWE Universe, his family, the WWE talents and God. Great speech by HBK, showed a candid side of himself we don’t see often. Shawn left to DX music and was joined on stage by Triple H, Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash.

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  1. IrishJD says:

    That was kind of rude to Drew Carey…but then again that HOF spot for someone who was a guest maybe once or twice could of went to say someone like Randy Savage or Jake Roberts, you all know, people who actually deserve to be in there. People who never wrestled for WWE shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame, plain and simple. It takes away from those who truly need to get in. Loved seeing the Road Warriors finally inducted :-).

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