6 Matches Rumored For WWE WrestleMania 27, Spoilers Inside

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Coming out of last night’s RAW and the Royal Rumble, here’s what’s planned for WrestleMania 27 as of now: John Cena vs. The Miz, likely for the WWE Title; Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Title; The Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett; Randy Orton vs. CM Punk; The Corre vs. Nexus, in likely a 3-on-3 match; Triple H vs. Sheamus

Jerry Lawler is also scheduled to be a part of WrestleMania and wrestle. Look for his current storyline with Michael Cole to peak in Atlanta.

In the case of Taker vs. Barrett, if Taker can’t work a singles match there is a backup plan of Kane and Taker vs. the four members of The Corre. No word where this would leave Nexus but it might not happen as Taker is telling everyone he will be ready to go.

As far as celebrities for the big show, it’s been noted that WWE has not announced one yet and they usually do the RAW after the Rumble. WWE is still trying to get Justin Beiber to come, which is why Alberto Del Rio made the reference to Beiber on RAW last night.

19 Responses to “6 Matches Rumored For WWE WrestleMania 27, Spoilers Inside”

  1. Ordean9 says:

    undertakers not facing wade barrett undertakers facing triple h at wrestlemania 27

  2. Rey619sri says:

    I hope the dead man is going to take title

  3. Rated says:

    undertaker is not facing wade barret but hhh at wrestlemania

  4. Man3raja says:

    r there is any match between john cena and rock???????

  5. Drake Matthews says:

    This is fake. Taker faces Hhh. And rock hosts wrestlemania 27. Finally the rock is back and he will beat the crap out of cena. Cena is a yabba dabba bitch and if you smell what the rock is cooking.

  6. Umashankarmth79 says:

    Hi, its under taker vs triple h,cena vs miz,orton vs cm punk,edge vs alberto del rio,mysterio vs cody rhodes..

  7. Mark says:

    Men Cena isn’t a yabba dabba bitcxh. And Cena wuld beat tha rock n a fight & Cena is gonna beat the miz 4 tha wwe championship. And miz if I think ur awesome ur not awesome ur awful. And triple hhh i’s gonna beat taker & takers streak will die so will u taker & ur streak will say 18-1. And Randy orton is gonna beat cm sucks & Randy did a good job kicking the new nexus n tha head & thts gonna happen 2 u 2 cm sucks.

  8. rocy says:

    undertaker will win the match against hhh and his streak is going to 19-0 and john cena will not beat the rock in any match between them

  9. Zubair says:

    No this is the lineup for wrestlemania 27 the undertaker vs triple hhh randy ortan vs cm punk john cena vs the rock or the miz because i seen a poster saying john cena will fight the rock for the title i hope the rock win so he can stay longer in the wwe i think not he a movie star.

  10. GHGH FX says:

    The undertaker will win the match

  11. Mark says:

    I am ready 4 wrestlemania wen John cena wins that wwe championship

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