A Possible Reason Why Booker T Signed With WWE

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Booker T, who made his WWE return last night at the Royal Rumble, will be releasing his own autobiography after signing a deal with Medallion Press. It is titled “From Prison to Promise” with the press release stating that the book “will detail (Booker’s) struggles with family and crime in urban Houston before becoming one of the world’s most recognized and successful athletes.” It is currently scheduled for a September 2011 release.

“I’m at that point in my life where I feel maybe someone else can benefit from hearing what I’ve been through,” Booker said in the press release. “You know, whether their parents passed away at an early age, or they got into some serious trouble with the law, there’s no doubt in my mind people will not only relate to what I went through, but maybe I can even help keep some of them from going down the same path.”

One theory going around is that the reason Booker T decided to sign a contract with the company (and we are getting reports that he is signed a limited contract, and wants to commentate) is so he could be able to promote his new book. Being with WWE will be enable him to promote it through the WWE promotion machine.

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