Abdullah The Butcher: Never Working For WWE, Being Inducted Into HOF, Drawing Power

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Abdullah the Butcher recently spoke with Slam Wrestling about the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame. Here are some highlights:

Getting the call from WWE: “When they phoned and said, ‘We want to put you in the Hall of Fame,’ I started smacking myself to make sure I was hearing them right. It took them a while to get me in to their Hall of Fame, but I’m very happy. Even though I don’t live far away, they’re going to pick me up in a limousine. I love it!”

His drawing power today: “If you were to put me with The Undertaker today, we could sell out any place. I need a new hip, but I still look 100 per cent good. Hulk Hogan and I wrestled in Japan for two weeks back in the ’80s, selling out and having great matches, and we could do it again today. I think we could still give the people action.”

Never working for WWE: “I’ve never met Vince McMahon Jr. The WWE were scared of me because I was an outlaw, and I did not kiss anybody’s butt. The boys, back in the day there, would say, ‘Don’t bring Abdullah in — he’ll be trouble.'”

4 Responses to “Abdullah The Butcher: Never Working For WWE, Being Inducted Into HOF, Drawing Power”

  1. So, if he’s never been in the WWE, How does he make it in the Hall of Fame? Same with all the celebs they put in. Like Drew Carey. Only ACCOMPLISHED wrestlers should be in there. And they should have had to be successful in the WWE. What’s next, are they going to induct Sting? Why don’t they Add the Kardashian family at the same time?

    • Derek says:

      I hear ya on most of it, Abby has made his mark on the wrestling business and deserves to be recognized however. Being that the WWE HOF is basically the only game in town, it’s the only thing I have to look for in the regard of past greats, whether they were in WWE or not. At one time, the WWE was a part of the NWA and utilized their talent at their own cards, making them a part of WWE in a roundabout way anyway.

      • I understand that he made his mark on wrestling. But still it comes down to the point of him being inducted into the “WWE Hall of Fame” If he was inducted in say something called simply “The Wrestling Hall of Fame” it would be different. At that point there would be no solid association with the WWE. WWE could still sponsor it. But the name doesn’t insist that the people inducted should have worked for the WWE. Also at that point, multiple organizations could sponsor it, and a wider variety of wrestlers could be inducted.

        As for celebs being inducted, it’s just stupid. Why should someone famous get inducted, just for making appearances on WWE shows? If they aren’t accomplished wrestlers, they have no business being put in there. I bet in the future, Snookie will be inducted. It would be a sad day for everyone.

  2. Derek says:

    Its not that I disagree, its just that if guys (regardless of their importance to wrestling) cannot be inducted to WWEs HOF because they never worked there, then they’ll never get honored at all on a national level. If WWE is they only way for Abby to get honored, then I have to be for it. Have you seen his more heated feuds? The man once received 3rd degree burns in a match! (not that I condone people getting seriously injured performing a wrestling match, but he definitely left his mark.) He’s put some serious butts in seats, and I’m happy for him. He’s put more into the business than a good amount of people already inducted. Celebrities getting inducted is a disgrace plain and simple.

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