Alternative WWE SmackDown! Report From Sacramento, CA

  • Share site reader attended the WWE SmackDown! tapings Tuesday in Sacramento, California and sent in the following notes and results from the show that will air this Friday, August 12, 2011, on SyFy:

The Whole upper level tarped off – lots of lower seats tarped off as well

NXT Dark match: (1) Brodus Clay vs. Jimmy Cruise – Jimmy announced from Sacramento. Brodus wins.

Regal and Grisham (NXT announce team) come out. Matt Striker comes out to announce the Skills challenge.

(2) Justin Gabriel beat Tyson Kidd.

(3) Darren Young beat Matt Striker.

(4) Titus O’Neil beat Derrick Bateman.

WWE Superstars: (1) Ted DiBiase beat Trent Baretta.

(2) Alicia Fox beat Tamina.

Smackdown: Triple H comes out. Announces Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes, MITB Winners match Alberto del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs. Great Khali. Christian interrupts him and threatens to sue WWE. He has legal documents proving Randy Orton has anger management issues, so Putting the World champ in an uneasy work environment. He wants HHH to pull the no holds barred stipulation for their Summerslam match. Triple H says match on and says if Christian chooses not to wrestle at SummerSlam then he will be in breach of contract and HHH will fire him. HHH doesn’t like Randy but he respects him, but he doesn’t respect Christian nor do the fans due to the way he won the title and has acted since then. He Tells Christian to fight Randy and earn the respect. HHH walks out. Christian interrupts him and says fine. He will fight Randy on Sunday. Christian wants to know who his opponent is for tonight. HHH announces the opponent by way of music and it’s the theme for Sheamus. The match is now.

(1) Christian runs to the top of the ramp and is counted out. Winner by countout – Sheamus.

(2) Beth Phoenix and Nataliya beat Kaitlyn and AJ in very quick fashion. Beth pins AJ and then After the match Nataliya puts on the sharpshooter on Kaitlyn.

Backstage with Zack Ryder and Teddy Long. Then Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase come in to thank Zack for giving Cody a title shot. Teddy says it wasn’t Zack but then Oksana comes in. Lame segment and Teddy stumbles over some words and then leaves.

Backstage – Johnny Curtis – Mark Henry comes in and tell him that it sucks his debut match will also be his last match due to the fact that his debut match is against Mark Henry. Mark mentions he liked the vignettes Johnny was doing with the cliches and says he has one for him for tonight – “Break a leg.”.

(3) Fake Sin Cara comes out to fight Tyson Kidd. Fake Sin Cara successfully clears the trampoline. Fake Sin Cara defeats Tyson Kidd and with an added bonus of no blown spots.

(4) Alberto Del Rio defeats Daniel Bryan. After the match out comes Wade Barrett, who nails his finishing maneuver (Wasteland) on Daniel Bryan.

(5) Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson to become new IC champ. After the match Ezekiel beats down Ted Dibiase.

Backstage Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton. Orton says he’s ready for Christian and that he will keep it very simple for Great Khali. Randy says Khali won’t need a Rosetta Stone or Jinder Mahal to understand the definition of RKO.

(6) Mark Henry defeats Johnny Curtis. Then goes to do the same chair move to break his ankle but Sheamus comes out to run him off. Thanfulky Sheamus comes out to no music. Sheamus says, “All I hear is how tough you are, however every time I come out you run away.” Sheamus then calls Henry Shamu and tells him to get out of the ocean. Henry acts like he’s coming in but just hits Curtis then walks off. The invisible force field of the ropes keeps Sheamus in the ring and Henry walks off.

(7) Randy Orton defeats Khaki via RKO.

Christian comes out at top of ramp with a mic. Christian says at SS everything is about to change. Says at SS everything goes and he now has the best thing going.

Usual staredown from ramp to ring TL end show…..Or so we think as after Christian leaves and Randy is posing in the ring HHH’s music hit. He comes in the ring. He makes some jokes about how much hang time was in that RKO. Wants to make the show exciting and asks Christian to come back out. Christian says at SummerSlam everything is going to change. (Looks like a retake)

Yep, just a retake. Christian says pretty much the same thing. Triple H makes a crack that it was very interesting to hear it the second time around. Christian wisecracks he can say it a third time. They go back and forth with “Whats” and “Huhs” HHH wants to make another match. Christian says Sacramento doesn’t deserve another match. Crowd starts chanting “One more match”.

Triple H asks various audience members what they want and three people say “another match”. HHH asks Christian to get Alberto and makes a few cracks about his rental car. Alberto doesn’t come out so Christian thanks Sacramento. Alberto comes out. Then Sheamus comes out as Randy’s partner. Sheamus and Del Rio brawl to the back. Randy hits the RKO on Christian for the win.

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