Mr. Anderson Beats Sting, Becomes TNA World Champion In Possible Screw-Job

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At tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling Slammiversary event, Mr. Anderson defeated Sting to begin his second reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Like many Sting matches as of late, however, the match didn’t end without controversy. At one point in the match, Sting had the match won before Eric Bischoff would run down to the ring and stop Sting from getting a three count.

Shortly afterward, Anderson would hit a blatant low-blow on Sting right in front of the referee, and then hit his finishing manuever to capture the World Championship. It is unknown if the referee was out of position and was not supposed to see the low-blow or not, or will be announced as being part of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s faction in the coming weeks on television. One revelation during the angle, if they decide to go the route of having a “crooked” referee, is that the official in the match was Jackson James, Eric Bischoff’s real-life son.

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