Angelina of ‘Jersey Shore’ Appears On TNA Wrestling – Full Results

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Last Thursday, TNA Wrestling taped their weekly broadcast of iMPACT! from Fayetteville, North Carolina — only the second time in the long-running series history that they’ve taped a show outside of Orlando, Florida. The company highly promoted the show with major angles being blown off on the episode. They also decided to feature some familiar mainstream faces on the show to get a more casual audience that doesn’t watch TNA Wrestling — including Angelina Pivarnick of ‘Jersey Shore’ fame. Below is the full results for her appearnce on TNA tonight:

We are first introduced to Angelina when she is shown getting out of a limo in the backstage area. They then featured a match where Velvet Sky defeated Sarita in a career threatening match. However, after the match, the Shorre comes down with Angelina. Cookie reminds them that they beat her down 4-on-1 last time, but this time she got Angelina, the real star of Jersey Shore, and she’s got a message for them to deliver to J WOWW. Angelina tells everyone to shut up and calls the Beautiful People sluts, then tells them to get J WOWW here to face her in the ring Jersey Shore style.

Velvet tells her that if she’s got something to say to J WOWW then she can say it to her face. Velvet goes to leave but Angelina kicks her in the butt, so Velvet goes after her but Sarita nails Velvet from behind and leaves with Angelina and the Shore. Angelina gets a mic and says that if they want a fight, to show up next week and they’ll have themselves a six way. I assume she meant six woman tag, but I guess it was deliberately phrased.

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  1. Roy says:

    Could make on jersey shore . She’s a pig , and now the place that takes all misfits or should I just say the island of misfit losers takes her in. Wow, what a disappointment Angelina was a extra the whole show of jersey shore no one liked her she couldn’t even be herself , now TNAexpects her to act come on , I wish you well with that , but she’s a loser and will always be remembered for the true scumbag she is when she showed the world her true self on jersey shore. We hate you Angelina .

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