Another Former WWE Star Returns For ‘Tough Enough’, Rev Theory Talks Theme Songs

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The Times Leader is featuring an article with rock band Rev Theory and band member Dave Agoglia discussing their music being used by WWE. Below is a snippet of what he had to say: “We did ‘Voices,’ which is the theme song for (wrestler) Randy Orton, and right now, they’re using one of our new songs, ‘Hangman,’ for ‘Friday Night Smackdown.’ It’s just an amazing organization. People don’t realize how big their audience is. We’ve gotten so much amazing exposure. We were actually just there two weeks ago. We were there in the front row on Monday Night Raw and they plugged our CD, then we did a quick interview. They’ve been amazing to us. It’s just another way to get your music out there. Now with some radio stations changing formats, it seems like rock music is having a tougher time getting to the masses. That’s just a great way, especially for a band like us, to reach people who may have never heard of us or didn’t know we had a new record coming out.”

Both Rey Mysterio and former WWE star Chuck Palumbo mentioned on Twitter this week that they were involved with recent WWE “Tough Enough” tapings. Mysterio definitely took part in a taping, while it remains to be seen if Palumbo took part or was just visiting.

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