WrestleHeat Radio (3/13/11): TNA Victory Road Post Show

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Below is the archive for WrestleHeat.com radio, which aired just minutes after an overall disappointing edition of TNA Victory Road. We talk about how we rated many of the matches and how none really went above three stars, the disappointing main events — including the Sting and Jeff Hardy match that went under one minute — and more. To listen to the broadcast, click the link below:


About WrestleHeat Radio: WrestleHeat.com recently introduced a new, exclusive audio feature to the site entitled “WrestleHeat Radio” where Mike, the webmaster of WrestleHeat.com, and Derek, a columnist for WrestleHeat.com, have joined forces to bring a call-in format of a show to the website. The show is aired during prime slots of the day after and during major WWE and TNA events: Mondays at 11:05PM EST/10:05 CT after RAW, Fridays at 8PM EST/7 CT during SmackDown, and Sundays at 11PM EST/10 CT after WWE and TNA pay-per-views. The format of the show is such that the hosts quickly recap the event that just aired or is airing, discuss the latest WWE and TNA news, storylines, upcoming pay-per-views and more with the analysis of Mike, an insider in the pro wrestling world, and Derek, a long-time wrestling fan. The nice feature of the site is that while the show is aired live at the aforementioned times, you can call-in and ask us anything you’d like and/or comment on particular shows, storylines, etc. If you listen to the archived versions of the show and like what you hear, we’d appreciate it if you’d join us live, chat with other listeners, and give us a call. When we go live, we’ll post links all over the website linking you to the audio and chat room.

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  1. Farmgirl says:

    Its an old old story, that match with Hardy and Sting. Both wrestlers showed up, all was good, behind the scenes, but in front of the camera, once again, Jeff Hardy appeared to be completely intoxicated. He staggered in, and staggered around the ring a bit, seemed to get his composure, but I’m figuring Sting said “ain’t no way” when asked to work with him that way. Squash match, over. Once again, the fans are the big losers, and that is almost always the way it is. Everybody (except possibly Hardy) went home deeply embarrassed about this one, and they SHOULD be. I think the storyline must have come from the WWE…way to go, boys…

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