Background Story On Edge Retiring & WWE’s Thoughts On It

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If you thought that the news that Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland retiring from WWE was abrupt from the point of view of a fan, WWE was even more shocked about the news. Regarding the background story on why Edge decided to take an MRI, he had been complaining the months heading into WrestleMania 27 about issues of being numb in certain areas as well as constant trembling in his arms and hands.

He decided to take an MRI one day following WrestleMania 27 and found out days later by neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon that he had permanent damage to his spine, which goes by the name spinal stenosis. That damage would be so bad that it would be enough to abruptly end his career at the age of 37. However, it should be noted that Edge had been considering retirement as of late and even mentioned to a live Toronto audience months back that he was hoping an upcoming WrestleMania would emanate from the city so that he would be able to retire there.

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