Backstage Details On The WWE Returns Of CM Punk & Jim Ross, Big Show/Kane Updates

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WWE did everything they could on Monday to keep the arrivals of CM Punk and Jim Ross a secret before their returns aired on TV. Both were kept away from just about everyone and both were sent to different hotels so people wouldn’t see them. Ross and Punk also were kept out of the building until it was time for their return. RAW this week came down to a sixth and final script, none of which had the JR and Punk returns on it, according to the Wrestling Observer.

Big Show is taking a few months off to rest up with the feeling that it’s best for him to rotate in and out for the benefit of his long-term health, especially at this stage of his career. Kane is taking time off for similar reasons and to help get Mark Henry over for a potential feud with Randy Orton. On a related note, the plan is turn Sheamus into a top babyface on SmackDown to feud with Henry for the time being.

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