Backstage Heat On The Pope In TNA, Trish Stratus-Tara Exchange Tweets

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TNA Wrestling Knockouts Traci Brooks and SoCal Val, as well as former Knockout Chelsea, are advertised for Mega Con, which takes place March 25-27 in Orlando, Florida. Visit for more details.

TNA Knockout Tara put over Trish Stratus’ return to WWE on Sunday, writing on Twitter: “I wish I could have watch my girl @trishstratuscom tonight. I’m sure she stole the show.” Stratus wrote in response, “Well… It was no Chicago street fight- now that was stealing the show!”

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero has heat with wrestlers in the locker room because they feel he’s not making an effort be an effective heel. They think he tries to portray himself as a babyface or “cool heel” in his promos.

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  1. Derek says:

    That is what Pope does……………Didn’t Matt Hardy and Mickie James and Isis just get heat for tweeting about WWE or their employees? Tara is kinda stupid huh?

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