Exclusive: CM Punk vs John Cena Finish Kept Secret, Reason John Cena Was ‘Fired’

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As I noted minutes into the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, not many people knew the finish of the CM Punk and John Cena match. I noted earlier that McMahon was very hush-hush about the finish as of last night, keeping even the creative team out of the loop in order to prevent Internet leaks. After the pay-per-view, I spoke exclusively to my source within the WWE and I was informed that only Vince McMahon, his right-hand man Kevin Dunn, the referee, the announcers, CM Punk, and John Cena knew what was going to take place during the match. Alberto Del Rio was reportedly told by McMahon to come out once Punk and Cena were already in the ring.

Prior to the pay-per-view, the source noted that everyone was on their toes about what was going to happen. Despite CM Punk’s WWE contract dispute within the company, it should be noted that most people were under the impression that Punk was going to re-sign with the company, at least in the short-term. The source told me that “[the John Cena-CM Punk storyline] was too explosive for [Vince] McMahon to simply let CM Punk out of his contract just like that”.

The source previously told me that CM Punk wasn’t holding out on a contract because he wanted a big salary, but he simply wanted a big enough salary to justify WWE using him in the main event in vein of John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, and Triple H. His thought process was that if WWE was paying him a large salary, the company would have to use him in the main event. Punk, although not being conceited about it, feels that he is one of the top stars within the company — and the storyline that he is in currently — has exemplified that. People are watching the company right now, and with the WWE ratings falling (Monday’s RAW drew a measly 2.9 rating) as of late the source noted that McMahon wanted Punk around for at least the next month so they can continue to play on the CM Punk and John Cena storyline heading into SummerSlam.

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