Backstage News On CM Punk’s Future In WWE: Movies, Books, Upcoming Feuds

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While it may appear to some that WWE has halted CM Punk’s push or put him on the backburner, sources say that is not the case. WWE officials were very surprised at new merchandise numbers for Punk. Punk is now one of the company’s top sellers and is neck-and-neck with John Cena. In one demographic, likely males, Punk is on pace to pass Cena in sales, according to

Because of Punk’s success coming out of the summer storylines, WWE officials are now actively looking for ways to monetize him. WWE Studios are looking for projects that Punk could star in and there is talk of doing a CM Punk book, in part because the company hasn’t had many books lined up as of late. There are also plans to release more Punk merchandise soon. Punk is also planned to be a bigger part of WWE programming and pay-per-views going into 2012. Word is that the company will be going “full blown” when it comes to Punk.

Regarding creative plans, Punk is scheduled to headline several upcoming pay-per-views with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. There’s no word yet where John Cena will fit into the feud, if he will at all. Some have questioned WWE’s booking of Punk as of late but it’s said that WWE is trying to build sympathy for his losses as a part of something bigger.

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