Backstage News From The TNA Title Match Between Sting/Hardy At Victory Road

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Sting retained the TNA World Heavyweight Title in the main event of tonight’s show in a very quick and unusual match against Jeff Hardy. Eric Bischoff came out before the match and made it No DQ, before Sting laid him out. There wasn’t much physical contact in the match as Sting hit the Drop out of nowhere and pinned Hardy for the odd win.

There’s no word yet on why the quick finish happened but we do know that Sting is in bad shape, more than originally thought. It would have made sense for Sting to drop the title if he was injured but he retained. The show ended tonight with a long recap video of earlier matches and an empty ring shot. Taz and Mike Tenay played it up like Sting had just re-invented himself with the win over Hardy.

4 Responses to “Backstage News From The TNA Title Match Between Sting/Hardy At Victory Road”

  1. Times5211 says:

    i dont think it had anything to do with sting being in shape i think hardy was high as shit and could of put sting in danger

  2. Brybillings says:

    Sting was pissed about the ending too, just watch him walking back up the ramp on his way out

  3. Derek says:

    That’s exactly it. Sting wouldn’t work with an inebriated Hardy. I assume those in power of TNA would have just put him out there for 8 minutes and hoped for the best. Good for Sting to have enough sense to not put himself in a dengerous situation. Sting may be hurt, but he doesn’t look to be in that bad of shape.

  4. Cagney says:

    Agreed!! You could see Hardy stumbling on his way to the ring! Anyone else notice that there was obvious disgust in Sting’s eyes and that their only lock up seemed unusually real? Then all of a sudden Sting has blood on his neck?! Last but not least, Hardy obviously kicked out of that drop but they were ending that match as soon as possible. Love Sting for caring enough about the fans to know it’s b.s.!

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