Backstage News From Triple H/Sheamus Segment On WWE RAW, Heat On Diva

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There is some heat on WWE Diva Kaitlyn from some of the veteran Divas because they feel she isn’t “paying dues” and has had it easy since winning NXT. For what it’s worth, it’s said that the Divas complaining were ones who got in the company through the Diva Search. Kaitlyn has been at all recent WWE tapings but has not been used.

Triple H made the decision at Monday’s RAW to end his feud with Sheamus and do the angle where he put him through the table with a Pedigree. Triple H wanted to not forget about the feud with Sheamus but wants full focus on his current WrestleMania 27 storyline with The Undertaker.

2 Responses to “Backstage News From Triple H/Sheamus Segment On WWE RAW, Heat On Diva”

  1. Brybillings says:

    I’ve never really thought of HHH as a guy who buries others, which is what I’ve always heard, but with this and his comments last week on RAW, I’m starting to see it.

  2. Ieddaddy says:

    I saw a commercial for msg that sheamus and triple h will wrestle after WM27. So I was guessing they’ll pick up where they left off after WM27

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