Backstage News On Kevin Nash’s Future – WWE Website Says He’s Injured

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The feeling backstage at the TLC pay-per-view that Kevin Nash took part in his final match against Triple H last night. While he could always be brought back in the future, Nash is under the impression that he’s finished. On Twitter last night, he wrote, “Thanks Paul, nice to end it with someone I love.”

Today, the WWE website released a storyline update on Nash, effectively writing him off television for now. The website claimed that Nash’s doctor, Chris Amann, sustained “multiple concussions over his body” due to “the impact of the sledgehammer.” He added, “Of most significance was a nasal fracture he sustained when he was struck in the face by the implement.”

The website claims that he will be out of action for at least six weeks and will have to wear a brace to protect his nose during that time.