Backstage News On The WWE World Title Match Booking At WrestleMania 27

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To show you how hectic things were backstage not only in the weeks prior to WWE WrestleMania 27, but on the day of, going into the show, John Cena was scheduled to win the WWE Championship and Alberto Del Rio was booked to win the World Heavyweight Championship. According to a source I spoke to exclusively, however, the decisions to both of those matches were flopped in the hours leading into the live pay-per-view show.

While the reason why McMahon decided to change his mind so suddenly has yet to be revealed, it should be noted that the decisions for the two title matches had been going back-and-forth between WWE creative team members in the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view, and it goes to show you that nothing is final until literally hours before the show goes on the air.

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