Backstage News & Possible Spoiler For CM Punk’s Match At Money In The Bank

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According to a WWE source I spoke to exclusively late last night, Vince McMahon was still “undecided” in what direction he was going with tonight’s main event at the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view. While the source said that McMahon was likely still deliberating the route he wants to go with the WWE title match, he said that even if he had the finish decided, it was only being discussed with him top advisers and the WWE creative team has been left out of the loop in order to protect the match from being spoiled online, on sites like, for example.

One rumor that was being tossed around, however, is possibly turning John Cena heel. The source was quick to remind me, though, that this has been tossed around in recent years, including last summer, but McMahon continued to turn down the suggestion because Cena’s strong fanbase, ratings draw, and merchandise sales. McMahon, however, has been reportedly both surprised and disappointed with the ratings in recent weeks for RAW and is looking to come up with a finish that will generate the most buzz.

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