Backstage News On The WWE Return Of Jim Ross & Cole’s RAW Future, The Miz Comments On RAW

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Regarding the return of Jim Ross to the RAW announce booth, the Pro Wresting Insider reports that a decision still hasn’t been made on the permanent announce team as of yet. WWE has been experimenting over the past few months with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole being regulars along with a rotation of Josh Matthews and Booker T, but a decision to bring Ross in was due to the struggling ratings as of late. Cole is still expected to announce on SmackDown!.

The Miz said the following on Twitter following last night’s edition of RAW: “Oooooo…Punk and Cena. Triple H’s new WWE seems a hell of a lot like the old one. Yeah I got two words for ya…

6 Responses to “Backstage News On The WWE Return Of Jim Ross & Cole’s RAW Future, The Miz Comments On RAW”

  1. David W says:

    The Miz is learning something that a few other people in WWE need to learn.  Being just Vince’s favorite is not going to make you get anything special.  

    Kelly Kelly, for example, is not JUST Vince’s favorite.  She was the go to girl to sell the Diva Heels that could barely wrestle… and now she is getting her rewards for it.  Everyone likes working with her.. at least those who matter.

    • Guest says:

      The Miz doesn’t literally mean his words, it’s just kayfabe “disappointment” with the new management to further his storyline frustration with the company and his treatment.

  2. cowbulls says:

    Maybe HHH will do what’s best for the business and put JR back where he belongs. It was Vince that hated JR for whatever bizarre reason.

    As for Kelly Kelly, I sure would enjoy working with her. She may be the best employee benefit of all time.

  3.  what will cole do go backstage and not do nothing For once i am gad triple HHH told told cole hpow the copw eat the cabbage  i am glad that jr is back thank you triple HHH for takeing over will Mistro get aother at the belt i hope so

  4. Bytchonwheelsintn2007 says:

    JR being back is a very good thing glad to see Triple HHH taking control

  5. jc osborne says:

    so glad JR is back but seriously they need to get rid of this stupid PG crap if you look back at the stock levels in the attitude era and the ratings and then look at this crappy universe era its pales in shadow… 

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