Backstage Talk Of Changing Look Of WWE Title, Cody Rhodes & Booker T Wrestle

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In an update to the tweet that John Cena sent last week noting that the WWE Championship template should be changed, along with a story being published, the Wrestling Globe reports that there is talk backstage of indeed changing the look of the championship. One hesitation, however, is that the current belt remains a hot-seller within the company, but not as popular as when it was first introduced under John Cena in 2007.

Cody Rhodes and Booker T wrestled twice over the weekend at the Friday and Saturday SmackDown! live events. Booker T ended up winning both bouts via disqualification when Rhodes ended the match after hit Booker with his Intercontinental Title. Hornswoggle then came out to the ring and hit a Tadpole Splash on Booker and did the spin-a-roonie with Booker.