Backstage WWE News: Vince Upset At RAW Taping, Livid At R-Truth Botch

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Whatever slim chance of a push that R Truth had is essentially out the window now. On last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Truth unwittingly filmed a Southwest Airlines commercial. Just like the other guy in the commercial, Truth made the cardinal sin of yelling out the wrong city. The former TNA star yelled out “Green Bay” instead of “Milwaukee”.

The audience was quick to let him know about it as well. They chanted the name of their hometown and showered Truth with boos. The boys in the back got a good chuckle from it. Vince McMahon, however, wasn’t laughing.

The CEO, who was already in a foul mood because of a poor audience reception to his return, was livid about the mistake. The match was completely designed to draw more heel heat for Mason Ryan. McMahon felt that Truth’s mistake cost them an opportunity to do just that.

With Truth being “injured” on screen, there’s a good chance that McMahon could opt to keep him off television as punishment.

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