Backstage WWE Talk Of John Cena Turning Heel – Who’s Against It?

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There were many readers over the past week predicting that John Cena was going to turn heel at the Survivor Series pay-per-view last weekend to set the stage for his match at WrestleMania 28 against the Rock considering that Rock isn’t expected to be on WWE television until around WrestleMania time due to movie commitments.

I am told that while the writers want to turn Cena heel, Vince McMahon is absolutely opposed to it, feeling that he is the top money maker for the company and has a large children fanbase which make up a large portion of the core base of the company, whether that is watching on television or persuading their parents to take them to live events.

At the same time, the writers are aware that while Cena isn’t directly a heel, he is going to be portrayed as a heel on television any time he has anything to do with The Rock. The feeling at the pay-per-view last Sunday was that it would have have been the perfect stage to turn him as well as put Rock on the shelf for a few months before his eventual return next year.