Barry Windham Hospital Update, WWE Bringing Back The Hardcore Title?

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— At last word, wrestling legend Barry Windham is still in ICE at a Florida hospital. Windham has been described as “near death” by his father. Windham was reportedly found by current WWE agent Mike “IRS” Rotunda at his home. Windham is the brother-in-law to Rotunda and the uncle of FCW stars Husky Harris and Bo Rotunda.

— WWE’s website has an article up where they’re pushing for the return of the Hardcore Title, after Cody Rhodes recently brought back the classic white Intercontinental Title. Here’s part of their hype:

“If the Hardcore Title ever does make a comeback, alliances will crumble and insanity will rule in its place, with an iron fist stronger than any potential Raw General Manager could ever dream of wielding. Whoever will place it around their waist will instantly be painting a target on their back. Everybody will be their enemy. Big, small, Superstar, Diva: all will be potential challengers, ready to pounce to win their own piece of glory.

“ says: Bring back Hardcore havoc!”

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