Batista Says He Doesn’t ‘Hate’ WWE, Layla Injury Update

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Layla, who is expected to be sidelined until next year due to tears of the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in her knee, posted an update on her condition yesterday on Twitter. She wrote, “So I’ve been working hard at rehab shedding some tears also having some laughs! I’m learning to walk all over again but I’m walking. No crutches no knee brace yay!! Only one month after surgery. So it’s time to go to the next challenge Pain :) thnx for all ur support luv ya.”

On his new Twitter account this past week, former World Champion Batista clarified his original thoughts on his disdain for WWE going the PG route with the following comments: “real quick…i don’t hate the WWE! i love pro wrestling! just didn’t agree with the PG direction. i loved it edgy and hardcore. and i would definitely like to return…just not right now. im enjoying the hell out of my normal life. hope that makes sense.”

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