Bill Goldberg & Crimson Get Into Twitter Spat

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Former WCW and WWE World Champion Bill Goldberg caused a stir on Twitter over the weekend. He retweeted a tweet from his fan that bashed Crimson. “Sorry, Crimson, a spear w/out a Jackhammer just sucks,” the tweet said. Crimson has been built within TNA to have an undefeated streak, and that is likely why Goldberg decided to retweet it. Goldberg, of course, had a massive undefeated streak during his stint in WCW.

Crimson saw the message and replied to Goldberg, “@Goldberg, while you were gettin stretched by Chris Jericho I was dodging bullets for this country… #whosnextnotme #destroyinglives“.

Goldberg’s response? “Who are you again????

2 Responses to “Bill Goldberg & Crimson Get Into Twitter Spat”

  1. Ahsan says:

    gold berg why u leave wwe plz come back and i want to that wwe is fake or not

  2. Ahsan says:

    pz rpy me

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