Bill Goldberg Says He Will Probably Return To The Ring By The End Of The Year

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Bill Goldberg, who has not wrestled since 2004, stated during a recent autograph signing appearance that he will “probably” return to the ring before the end of 2011. The former WWE and WCW wrestler said that if he returns to the squared circle, his ideal opponent would be Steve Austin.

Goldberg didn’t mention whether what company, if any, he will be returning/debuting with, but the last time we heard of Goldberg, he was flying atop New York City with TNA Wrestling executive Eric Bischoff. You can view the embedded video of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and WCW Champion below:

UPDATE: This video of the signing was apparently taped in March of this year but was recently uploaded to Youtub

17 Responses to “Bill Goldberg Says He Will Probably Return To The Ring By The End Of The Year”

  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    why can’t people see there’s life after wrestling.try new the world.there’s nothing to prove.

  2. Jeff Jung says:

    goldberg i hope you go to tna to help sting get ride of easey e and mr h and the hwant nwo

    • Ryan Dennler says:

      hey you know its fake right? like the matches are setup specifically and stuff and its all choreographed for days before you actually go see it or watch it on tv?

      • lol says:

        Dude, you need to tell the world.  Wrestling is scripted?!?  I smell a f’n Pulitzer prize in your future, my friend.


  3. Jeff Jung says:

    kurt angie i new you could not beat sting one on one with out help. you are stink

  4. DMX says:

    i wanna see goldberg vs stone cold steve austin. that will be big too bad austin cant wrestle anymore damn
    that match will be far bigger than rock vs hogan

  5. Jeslin jose says:

    yeah, come back goldberg wanna see that devastating spear on all that babyfaces..WHOS NEXT….LUV YOU GOLDBERG..

  6. the one says:

    pro wrestlings real people are fake

  7. Simmonskeshawn says:

    WM28 Goldberg vs The Undertaker 

  8. Ak3895 says:

    edge spear = injurybatista spear = hospitallashley spear = comagoldberg spear = DEAD!!!!

  9. Bob says:

    He should be in punk’s team at survivor series against HHH’s team

  10. Redappleshine says:

    WWE SUCKS!!! Thank God he is going to wrestle for TNA. Nash should have stayed there too

    • michaels says:

       tna sucks wwe is beeter tna  is carp nash is beette rin wwe gold berg did not say he gonig to tna he jsut tlaking to them  he deside where he will go y2j tlak to tna guys all the time but is with tna hell no torll  go watch tna wwe is beeter

  11. Henderson Dale41 says:

    Goldberg Rules!!! I really miss him wrestle in the ring. I know him a very long time back in the mid 90s to late 90s while I was watching WCW back then when I was 5 yrs. old.

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