Booker T Returns To WWE On SmackDown, To Commentate – Details

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As seen just moments ago, Booker T returned to WWE SmackDown! tonight on SyFy after his surprise debut at the Royal Rumble this past Sunday to join Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on the SmackDown! announce booth. Booker T has apparently signed a new deal with the company, based on the fact that he’s doing color commentary, but it remains to be seen if he will be doing it long-term, or whether it will lead to a potential match in the future.

Booker T has been in talks with World Wrestling Entertainment for the past few months, which started months back when a pay-per-view was held in his hometown of Houston, Texas. He had suggested to higher-ups that he would like to commentate, but talks soon died down and then resurfaced on the week leading up to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view last weekend.

For those of you watching SmackDown!, what did you think of his commentary skills last night? Was he better than the man he replaced, Matt Striker? Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below, fans.

8 Responses to “Booker T Returns To WWE On SmackDown, To Commentate – Details”

  1. SUCKA says:

    Booker has done a good job with the first few matches. I’d love to see Cole go. Josh and Booker would make a great time. Cole just shoots shit out of his mouth.

  2. grump says:

    Booker t should be wresting

  3. grump says:

    Cole is nothing!!!!!!!! Bring back jr now!!!!

  4. freddy says:

    Idk I think he sounds horrible,he needs to stick to he’s day job and get back to wrestling

  5. dazza says:

    I think Smackdown should have Booker, Striker and Matthews.

  6. Bob says:

    He was decent in terms of what he had to say on commentary, but his voice is really low, so he needs to enunciate more.

  7. andy says:

    I liked Matt Stryker better. Booker sounded like he was just throwing in one liners.

  8. The Grox says:

    Cole did a great job before he started this “evil” aspect. The modified “Heenan” and “the Body” persona do not fit him at all. As far as Booker, He did ok, but sure isn’t a JR. He has potential, but I really hope that he ends up mixing it up a lot more frequently than Lawler does. He has the ability to get in the ring still and should do so often. I enjoyed CM Punk on the mic a lot more. Stryker was alright, and like him better than Mathews. Honestly don’t understand why they would ditch Stryker, he did a better job than most IMO

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