Booker T Talks About His Return To WWE, Hosting ‘Tough Enough’ & More

  • Share is featuring an interview with Booker T regarding his return to WWE and news being revealed that he will be a trainer on the return of “Tough Enough.”

On his return to WWE: “I’ve actually been auditioning for years in front of the monitor, always entertaining the boys in the back [laughs]. Actually, a person asked me if I was ever going to come back to WWE. I told them that if I came back it probably wouldn’t be as WWE Superstar, because the young guys are really what it’s all about. Bringing me back as an announcer is a great position for me to actually go out and make the young guys bigger stars.”

On becoming a trainer for the return of “Tough Enough”: “I’ve always said that you have to get it from someone who has been there to really understand it. So I think that by these guys seeing I’ve been there, I must know what I’m talking about. I’ve had my wrestling school in Houston going on seven years now. It’s been very, very successful. I’ve produced a lot of good athletes, and they say nothing but good things about my training.”

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