Booker T’s WWE Contract Status, Frustration w/Rey Mysterio, Rumble/Divas

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Word is that the WWE Divas Title match being changed to a Fatal 4 Way match at the Royal Rumble was planned before last night. T-shirts being sold for the event featured the Fatal 4 Way instead of the Handicap Match originally advertised.

– There is said to be some frustration between WWE officials and Rey Mysterio right now as it relates to him continuing to need time off and lighter scheduling. It’s said that Rey is no longer traveling first class. WWE realizes Rey won’t be around for many more years and really want to fill that void in the Hispanic market when he leaves. Vince McMahon has pushing John Laurinaitis to find lots of new Hispanic stars, including Alberto Del Rio.

– Dave Meltzer reports that Booker T is under some sort of contract with WWE but Kevin Nash is not. The feeling is that WWE may offer more work based on the reactions at the Royal Rumble last night. Booker T may end up doing anything from announcing to managing and working backstage. A role for Booker T on the return of Tough Enough was also talked about.

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  1. Bob says:

    Nash got a good enough pop from the crowd to warrant some kind of deal, and he does fill a void in the main event-level talent, but I do think he’s too old for a weekly appearance.

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