Breaking News: Hulk Hogan On His Way Out From TNA Wrestling To WWE?

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According to former WWE talent Honky Tonk Man, via his Facebook account, Hulk Hogan is leaving TNA Wrestling when his contract comes up for renewal later this year. Honky Tonk Man correctly predicted that Jimmy Hart, who Hogan was close to behind-the-scenes in TNA, was defecting from TNA to WWE in time for WrestleMania, which turned out to be true.

“HTM has been told Hogan will bolt to WWE if asked. Sources within TNA have said Hogan will leave (Eric Bischoff) behind like a rat,” Honky Tonk Man broke on Facebook. “Hogan is on his way out of TNA. Dixie has had to advance Flair money to pay his debts. Strange things are happening at TNA! Hogan’s TNA contract is results and incentive based. Either party can walk anytime. HTM said it first Hogan is on the way out.”

2 Responses to “Breaking News: Hulk Hogan On His Way Out From TNA Wrestling To WWE?”

  1. Jj71677 says:

    If this is so true and either party can walk why would he wait till his contract ends, I’m sure despite all, that would be a great coup to have Hulk unexpectedly show up at Wrestlemania. And in my opinion if he does at the end of the Edge/Del Rio match WWE needs to immediately play a 3-25-11 vignette, then Hulk (red & yellow) comes out and I think he should win the World Title from Albert Del Rio seconds after Del Rio wins it. yeah i know but its a better story line than Del Rio winning and it would be a ripoff of the sting return………..

    • Derek says:

      LOL WM 9 all over again. I’m sure you know you’re just wishfully thinking. I think Hogan would complete his contract because he’s such a spaz over money. If he leaves he better be damn sure he’s gonna get a long term payday from Vince. Without that, Hogan will never quit a paying job in this current sad state of his career.

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