Breaking News: Rey Mysterio Reportedly Leaving WWE

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Details are still coming in on this story, but a hot topic behind the scenes in WWE is that Rey Mysterio recently asked to be released from his contract. Mysterio reportedly told company officials that he would retire if they did not let him go. The situation occurred before WWE’s big Sin Cara press conference two weeks ago in Mexico City.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story right here at as we get them. We will be discussing this more in depth during WrestleHeat Radio either tonight or tomorrow after RAW, so definitely check that out.

4 Responses to “Breaking News: Rey Mysterio Reportedly Leaving WWE”

  1. Latinmafia64 says:

    Nah, he stated that he was fine with the company & he had a few more years left in him. This has been a rumor for a while & just like the Sting rumor & it’s just speculation

    • Derek says:

      Thank you! There’s no way that little man is going to retire. He’s not gonna get any younger and his exploits require a youth’s dexterity. If he does leave WWE, he’ll still work a ton and make a fortune doing expensive one-off shows around the world and especially Mexico.

  2. IEddaddy says:

    Yea I don’t see this happening and would be shocked. I saw on rey’s twitter about him saying retirement dumped are purely false. I think you guys should tweet him and find out.

  3. Bhhsjgd says:

    i belife rey has been in the top 5 wretler of the last 10 years and he also pulls alot of money to the not saying sin caras most know as mystico can wretle i just say hey is a copy of rey mysterio he also use the 619 as hes move plz wwe is lossing the magic i belife rey mysterio deserfe more for evething he has done for wwe and wa wwe did trying to bring a copy of him is just nor out if rey mysterio trys to jump to tna he will be the big bomp that tna need to beat wwe anf the other company i love wwe but they are losing it it feel like is going for the same situation that wcw past

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