Breaking News: Ric Flair Leaves TNA Wrestling’s Tour Of The UK

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It appears as though Ric Flair has left TNA’s tour of the United Kingdom. The word is that Flair wanted a financial advance which was rejected by tour manager Craig Jenkins. As a result, Flair felt disrespected and decided to leave, not boarding the bus to leave Ireland for Germany.

It is said that Flair allegedly played hardball, not getting on the bus after his request for a financial advance was refused. As this kind of thing has occured before and with Flair refusing to get on the plane, a decision was made to leave him behind.

There was also talk that Flair’s legendary “partying” habits on the tour may have also had something to do with his decision not to get on the bus. Finally, just to clarify, TNA management did not send Flair home. He was simply left behind after “blowing up” and subsequently refusing to travel, and is likely still in Europe.

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