Bruno Sammartino: Never Say Never About WWE Hall Of Fame

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Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino spoke to Atlanta’s Creative Loafing publication this week and was asked once again why he will not accept a WWE invitation to join the Hall of Fame.

“First of all, when they started all this garbage with the nudity and these girls always having accidents where a bra will fall off or whatever, then the vulgarity and the Kiss My Butt Club, and the profanity that they use and stuff like that, I find all that appalling and I was very, very outspoken. Then the drug use, of course, was the most appalling for me. So what kind of a person would I be to accept that ridiculous Hall of Fame after being as outspoken as I was? I think it would be very hypocritical on my part and I would never accept that because I don’t believe in it.”

He did however, leave a faint possibility of him working with WWE again as part of the Hall of Fame: “I guess one should never say never, but I would have to see an awful lot of change before I would even think of it. A lot more than what I’m seeing now.”

Considering how far WWE has come toning down their product as part of the current “PG era,” one has to wonder how much more change Sammartino is looking for before he’s willing to consider entering the Hall of Fame

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