Cena On Rock, Updates On The ‘Fired’ Alex Riley & Punted Michael McGillicutty

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John Cena wrote the following on Twitter after last night’s RAW: “CeNation. Sometimes I need not say a thing. ” the People” say it for me. 😉 thanks. Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.

Today’s wrestling birthdays include ROH star Davey Richards (28), former WCW star Scotty Riggs (40) and WWE announcer Booker T (46).

While WWE indicated last night that Alex Riley had just been fired from his job at The Miz’s personal assistant, they have removed him from the RAW roster page. It was noted last night how there was no closing shot of Riley after he lost the cage match against John Cena. There is speculation that Riley and Michael McGillicutty will be re-packaged and brought back to RAW or SmackDown. Nexus member McGillicutty was written off RAW last night after a punt kick from Randy Orton.

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