The Name ‘Chris’ Appears During The Latest 1/2/12 Cryptic Vignette

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Several people have pointed out that the latest installment of the cryptic 1/2/12 vignette that aired on last night’s RAW broadcast appears to have a crossed out “Chris” on the cover of the notebook that the boy featured in the vignettes often writes in on his desk. This, of course, only puts fuel to the fire of the rapid speculation that Chris Jericho will be revealed to be behind the vignettes on the date that has been promoted during the videos, January 2, 2012.

While this could quite obviously indicate that Jericho is behind the vignettes, it also may be a swerve by WWE to get fans further talking about the videos. As noted previously, Jericho was still in negotiations with the company as of a few days ago.