Chris Masters Says There Were Clues WWE Was Going To Fire Him, More

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Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters recently appeared on the broadcast, where he talks about leaving WWE, Mike Choida getting suspended, and clues leading up to his release. Below are a few highlights:

-Chris was asked if he was surprised to be the main event of Superstars and getting released two days later. Chris said it was kind of off but in retrospect it makes sense. Chris was originally supposed to win his match against Jack Swagger but in the middle of the match the referee got the call through the earpiece that Swagger was to win. Makes you wonder if the decision to cut Chris had already been made.

-Chris talked about the “Masterpiece Theatre” coming to YouTube and his appearance at Axxess. Chris said it’s expected to be a weekly YouTube series much alike Zack Ryders program except he has no limitations unlike Zack does (being under WWE contract and all).

-Chris was asked about attending SummerSlam, Chris admitted to buying a ticket but in the end decided not to go. Later on Chris was asked about his thoughts on Melina throwing a fit about being banned from backstage and Chris suggested it was a matter of timing. “Who would want to be fired on a Friday and show up on Monday?”

-Chris was asked if Randy Orton is really the jerk the IWC portrays him to be backstage. Chris said Randy is a good guy but there were times on the road with Randy that Randy had a short temper over very small, childish things.

-Chris was asked what he plans on doing next with his career. Chris said he’s off to Portugal this week for a tour but past that he’s letting all offers come to the table whether it be WWE, TNA, Japan, etc.

-Chris was asked what he thought about TNA. Chris said TNA has all the talent in the world but is still working on their formula. Chris was then asked if the problem with the formula had anything to do with Hulk Hogan and Sting. Chris said there’s a place for wrestling for established names but wasn’t sure if TNA’s approach was the right way.

-Chris was asked who in WWE he could have had a money feud with given the opportunity.. Oddly enough his answer was Drew McIntyre. The question was flipped in terms of possible feud in TNA and Chris immediately mentioned RVD (who has been noted as being a good friend to Chris).

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