Chris Masters Reacts To CM Punk Promo, Rey Mysterio Worried About Injury, Cabana Correction

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Last night, we reported that ROH star Colt Cabana worked a dark match against Curt Hawkins, however I received word from a fan in attendance that there was no dark match last night prior to the show other than the Superstars matches. By the way, Colt Cabana will be going by that name and not the name he previously used in WWE, Scott Goldman.

Following CM Punk mentioning the released names of stars to John Laurinaitis in the ring last night, including Chris Masters’s name, Masters posted a tweet saying the following: “CM Punk telling it like it is tonight.” As previously noted, he hinted at a TNA Impact Wrestling debut in a previous tweet.

Regarding an injury update on Rey Mysterio following the live WWE events over the weekend, he had an MRI done over the weekend but still didn’t have the results as of yesterday, according to Mysterio is reportedly worried that it is the same knee that he had surgeries on plenty of times in the past.

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