Chris Masters Talks About His Two WWE Releases, Drugs In Pro Wrestling

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Chris Masters, who made explosive allegations that a WWE Diva is trading sexual relations in order to keep her job with a key managment member, took part in an interview with the Wrestling Press, where he once again talks about his release from WWE, using drugs, and more. Below are a few highlights:

Masters on being released by the WWE the first time around in 2007: “I really kind of brought it on myself and I accepted it. I was very young at the time and I was thrust into success at such a quick rate that I was irresponsible and I didn’t really appreciate the opportunities given.”

Masters on drugs in pro wrestling: “I was in Europe, Spain, working a tour and I looked in the mirror and it felt like I just reached a point where I thought enough of this. I had to get my life back on track, I had to get my health back on track and I wanted to be with WWE again. I looked back to the things I had lost in the last four years and it was like I just kept losing, losing and losing that eventually I wouldn’t have anything”

Masters on his recent release from WWE this year: “I was a million times better in my second run with the company; I was one of the better all-round guys in that place. You got a lot of guys who are really green and I am at the peak of my career. For me it’s a controversial release, they dropped the ball.”

The Wrestling Press, which is a free monthly digitial magazine covering pro wrestling from around the world, has put the entire article online via PDF at this link.

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