Christian Pulled From Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV

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WWE posted an article this afternoon noting that Christian has been pulled from Sunday’s Survivor Series after suffering injuries while on tour with WWE in Brussels, Belgium last week. WWE is citing that Christian has been removed from the 5-on-5 traditional Survivor Series match because of that injury and are not citing a particular storyline reason for his outing from the match.

He had been scheduled to be a part of Team Wade Barrett along with Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and Hunico. The team is scheduled to face Team Randy Orton’s Sheamus, Mason Ryan and Kofi Kingston.

2 Responses to “Christian Pulled From Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV”

  1. Hanumansboi says:

    It’s obvious-Mr. Ziggles should be on this team!

  2. Dudesaplenti says:

    Ziggler is the obvious choice, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Drew McIntyre. Too bad he’s been de-emphasized as of late.

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