Christian Talks About The Fan Reaction To Him Losing The WWE World Title

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Christian, who won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules last month and subsequently lost it two days later at the SmackDown tapings recently received overwhelming outrage from his fan base online, who have been following him for years and lobbying for him to receive a big push, only to have him receive it, win the World Title and lose it in a couple of days. The former World Champion recently talked to Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes about his match at Over the Limit Sunday night, as well as the outrage from his fans.

Regarding the support from his fans after the taping results were leaked where he lost the world title, Christian said the following: “Obviously it was overwhelming, you know, surprising and flattering to an extent. It’s the age we live in now with the internet and spoilers. The show hadn’t even aired yet and people were giving opinions and other sorts of things. So, you have to take it with a grain of salt and the most important thing is that Randy and I went out there and put on an amazing match for the fans. I know it is cliche, but I’ve always been a believer in my entire life that everything happens for a reason. I look at it as motivation. The way I see it, I got a taste of it. Obviously wanted to have it longer than five days, but hey, that is what happened. I look forward to getting the chance to become a two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.”

You can listen to the complete interview in the embedded video below:

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