Chyna Rips Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix & Natalya; Talks Possible Wrestling Return

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UPDATE: The webmaster of Chyna’s website,, emailed us here at and denied that the account is for Chyna and notes that it’s a fake: “Chyna’s PR rep Mr. Sato has confirmed that Chyna is not on twitter, facebook or myspace and that the newest account created in her name is a fake,” the email read.

Below are several tweets by former WWE Diva Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, ripping apart many of the Divas. She also called Beth Phoenix and Natalya “ripoffs”

“This has been bothering me for the last month or so. And it’s about time I speak up. Since joining twitter, people have been asking me, ‘will I return to wrestling? How do I feel about divas and women’s wrestling of today?’ I would love to return and get in the ring. I would love to see if I can keep up with the new girls just to see what’s the hardest they can bring to the table. I brought everything,” she said.

“I don’t care what people would think of me. I would go in the ring and take bumps like the tough competitor I am. But here’s where I need to speak up….@NatByNature and @TheBethPhoenix are nothing more than loudmouths with no new material or formula. Don’t get me wrong they are talented, but those girls are just a modern day ripoff of me. Sadly not even they can save womens wrestling.

And to the others like @EveMarieTorres and @RealKellyKelly. PLEASE! Show me some charisma, show some effort, BE CREATIVE WITH UR WORK! I’m tired of the barbie dolls, tired of the bullies, I just want these divas to TAKE ACTION AND STOP TALKING! No more modeling either. To conclude this rant, I’ll just go off and say that if I do return. I promise to my fans that I will make it my best to make this fun again.”

(Thanks to Lucas Rojas for sending us the news tip)

5 Responses to “Chyna Rips Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix & Natalya; Talks Possible Wrestling Return”

  1. acdc6563 says:

    You Go Chyna! I agree wholeheartedly with her words. Women’s wrestling used to be all about wrestling, not posing. The whole Divas Barbie Dolls thing against the tough girls thing is stupid. Where’s Tamita in all this? Aslo, you only ever see a very few divas doing any wrestling while the rest are just escorts and eye candy backstage. They aren’t given enough ring time, only about 5 minutes per show and sometimes nothing at all. The men still get all the limelight and it’s down to a mere handful that ever get the majority of exposure. You hardly see any of them. The writing of the scripts is done by amateurs who can’t put together a truly cohesive story line and so many of these guys float in and out of character which is so wrong and makes the story not make sense any more. They need writers from Hollywood, good award winning ones who can write for the larger than life characters keeping them in their roles. It needs to get away from reality show back to action/adventure/comedy/light drama weekly episodic television.

  2. Ryaneeee says:

    no i agree with the needing new material with beth and natalya but they r trying which is more than wht u r doing chyna! and Eve has done nothing but improve she might be more talented than u i mean lets face it u had no talent u were just a brick wall i wish beth would give the glam slam so bad followed by the sharpshooter to put u in ur place! K GOT IT??

  3. Ninw says:

    Fake. That’s a fake account. 

  4. the khr guy says:

    she might as well just go back to TNA permanently. 1. that’s where all the girls who can actually wrestle are 2. I really wanna see her deck Karen again

  5. the khr guy says:

    and 3. PLEEEASE don’t do anymore more porn

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