Chyna Talks Leaving TNA Wrestling, Doing More Adult Films

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Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun recently interviewed former WWE and TNA Wrestling talent Joanie “Chyna” Laurer to promote her upcoming adult film, Backdoor to Chyna. In the interview, she talks about whether it was true that TNA ended her contract and refused to do business with her because of the release of the adult film and whether she would be willing to do more films in the future. Below is a few of the highlights from the interview:

Q: Are you planning to do more adult films?
Chyna: I don’t see why not. Like I said, it was a really positive experience.

Q: I read a quote from you recently in which you said that doing this movie potentially cost you a contract with TNA. Can you elaborate on that?
Chyna: Well, I haven’t actually really spoken with them since I did a television spot and the pay-per-view, but it was never a contract on the line. They asked me to participate in the angle of what they were doing and I thought it would be fun. I went and I talked with them, and it was wonderful to see some old friends. I was elated, and so I did it. We hadn’t really talked about a deal. I just didn’t think that was something that I really wanted to get back into full force. They’d have to make me a deal that I simply couldn’t say no to, because I fought [to own the name Chyna] for years.

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